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Our History

Hello, my name is Rui Silva and I am the owner and luthier of Rui Silva Guitars. My workshop is located in northeastern Portugal, near Chaves, where I manufacture custom guitars and basses taking into account the best possible materials. My instruments aim at ergonomics combined with the natural beauty of raw materials and the versatility of sound. All the instruments are unique, depending on the taste and preference of each client, with whom i try to work closely to obtain the best result.

The instruments are handmade, combining some machinery and modern construction techniques with manual work, this way i do not attempt mass production, paying all attention to details...

The finish it’s one of my best achivments, apart making instrument i also do finishes for others renowned brands/luthiers, so all of this knowledge and quality control will be stamped on my instruments.

I like to promote the connection beteween me and the users of my instruments, so if you are interested conctact me, you could choose all the details of your instrument, according to our avaliable options.

When you choose an instrument from Rui Silva Guitars, it could be customized with all your imagination, every guitar and bass is handmade by myself, so you must check the order list to have an idea about the estimated delivery time. Normally since the instrument is started it takes about 6-8 weeks to be ready for delivery.

The order is considered when the customer makes a deposit for the instrument, normally 50% before and 50% when it’s ready. It’s also possible to split the value in 5-10 parts.

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